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Baiyon and Hans fjellestad
Jusco Punk


2003 DEC
1.(8:36) 2.(5:38) 3.(10:41) 4.(6:10)
5.(1:28) 6.(5:20) 7.(5:18) 8.(3:20)

All track plays Baiyon Hans fjellestad
Recording at b.e.s.r. studio oct/16
All designed by Wet Side
Masterd by Yusuke Makita

The remix of this album upload to a web.
An artist is......L?K?O,Ove-NaXx,satanicpornocultshop,Spec brothers



   Remix Track(web only)-----------
   ・Spikey beethoven mix/Ove-NaXx
   ・S A J,punk 777!!! mix/Satanicpornocultshop
   ・Dancing jusco waltz mix/Spec brothers
    NO.5,OK mix/Spec brothers

Hans Fjellestad (aka. 33) is a musician and filmmaker currently
based in California.He studied music composition and improvisation
with George Lewis at UCSD and piano with Krzysztof Brzuza.
Fjellestad has composed for film, video, theater, dance and
has presented his music, film and video art in the US, Canada,
Europe, Japan, Mexico and Brazil. He is active in the Southern
California/Baja trans-border experimental music and art scene,
performing regularly as a solo improviser, pianist and as
keyboardist/sound artist withvarious creative music ensembles,
including Donkey, a decade-long collaboration with guitarist/
sound artist Damon Holzborn. Fjellestad is a founding member of
the Trummerflora Collective.

Hans fjellestad bio